Several issues

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Several issues

Postby diasje » 07. February 2008 14:08

Hello i have 2 pc´s on a small home network with a router to connect to the internet.

PC1 asterix (server) IP:
PC2 obelix (browser) IP:

Windows XP Pro SP2
Xampp (latest release)
Nothing else

I have Portforwarded all webserver ports to asterix device on my router.

I have set on my router the no-ip dyndns.

On my NO-IP account, o have the registed.

Firts off all i have installed apache as a service, and now and then i got an Generic Host error on the svhost.exe, and i need to restart the computer.

Code: Select all
EventType : BEX     P1 : svchost.exe     P2 : 5.1.2600.2180     P3 : 41107ed6
P4 : netapi32.dll     P5 : 5.1.2600.2180     P6 : 4110965d     P7 : 0000a3c0
P8 : c0000409     P9 : 00000000   

The secound and more dificuoult to fix is that i can see, the webpage on my server, with the obelix computer, like this http://asterix/e107_plugins/wrap/wrap.php?2

But if i try to see it from outside with this no-ip registered domain, it goes to http://asterix/e107_plugins/wrap/wrap.php?2 and the message that the page cannot be displayed, apears.

buit if i put it link this:

It shows the page... very strange no?

Now, if i try to press on any link on my page it gows to the local server like http://asterix/e107_plugins/wrap/wrap.php?3

Now before you ask, i have tried to asign the public IP from my router to the asterix device, but the problem persisted.

Do i have to alter something on the httpd.conf file, or in the windows host file?

If i have to do it so, can you explain it to me?

Thanks in advance
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Postby diasje » 07. February 2008 16:38

The generic Host issue is solved:
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