PHP and mhash librairie

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PHP and mhash librairie

Postby sliderman » 07. February 2008 09:29

Hay everybody,

I wonder know if there is a way to add mhash librairie to xampp.
I used the mhash encryption in my we appluication php
and I'd rather test the appliocation on my workstation insted of uploading it on my web server after each modification.

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Postby Izzy » 07. February 2008 10:17

Open .\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini file in your text editor and uncomment this line:
so it looks like this:

Save the file and restart Apache to have your edits recognized.
Always make a back up of any ini and conf files before editing so you can revert if you make any typos.

BTW - Do not uncomment all the extensions in the php.ini file as this may cause some very strange results and errors - only uncomment those extensions that you are going to use.
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