Supported OS?

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Supported OS?

Postby ro1224 » 01. February 2008 00:03

I'm a new member with a question about XAMPP or XAMPP Lite as related to running WordPress under Windows XP or (preferably) Windows Home Server. Initially, I had planned to install WordPress locally under Windows XP using XAMPP Lite as detailed on ... under.html. But I also have Windows Home Server running on my home network. Is it possible to install/run one of the XAMPP products under the WHS OS? If so, is the install/setup a different process than that of Windows XP? I believe I have a web server (as an "Add-On") under Windows Home Server, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Thanks in advance, Rob.
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Postby Izzy » 01. February 2008 05:14

First, when you post a link to another site please make sure the link is valid by visiting your posted link first, from within the forum, not from a copy and paste link perhaps from your PC, then adjust where necessary - 404 not found error.

Windows Home Server is built on Windows Server 2003 (yuk!) - so why not use the full Win2k3 server?

At a guess, as part of w2k3. it would more than likely run a version of IIS - Internet Information Server which will conflict with XAMPP.

Or better still, XP with the full version of XAMPP and you have a nice little home server which will run Wordpress, correctly configured, without issue, and you can save your self some money as well - I don't recommend the Lite version for anything serious.
XAMPP for Windows Home Page wrote:For the lite versions exist no upgrades or addons. XAMPP Lite is an only "Take-Run-Delete-Forget-it" package.

These 2 forum links have info about easily installing Wordpress on XAMPP: ... 258#112258

Simple formula, if the other software uses the ports that XAMPP requires exclusively then you will need to configure either the other software to use different ports or change the ports XAMPP uses, as the sharing of ports is out of the question.
WHS on topic forum link
Another WHS on topic forum link

BTW there is an active forum, as portrayed in the above 2 links, for this piece of s**tware (sorry, can't spell :) ) where, no doubt, your concerns about running another server and it's possible conflicts would have been addressed by now - this may be a quicker approach than waiting for a reply from someone who has used it and has the knowledge.

In My Honest Opinion, when I looked at the price of WHS I was astounded - obviously it is aimed at computer newbies with more money than sense or who are complete computer illiterates - to me it seems just like another MS marketing exercise in how to make another mountain of money from the gullible.
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Postby KallistaAEnvarou » 07. February 2008 12:52

Izzy, the URL ... under.html wasn't working because of the period at the end.
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