Performance of scripts

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Performance of scripts

Postby Elethian » 31. January 2008 19:17

Hi all ,

I used to use version 1.5 of xampp for quiete some time. Since i have my new computer at work on another location , i have installed the latest version of xampp and i notice a huge performance drop in certain scripts.

In version 1.5 working with files , as if just getting all the files in a certain directory displayed , it takes 2 seconds over130+ files.

In latest version , the same identical script takes over40+ seconds to give the same results.

I have tested it on the same computer having the same results.

Same goes for opening and working with excell files.

Is this a feature , is there an option i overlooked or is it just a bug?

Anyone have any idea on this? Cause right now i prefer the older version because of the better performance.

Thanx in advance.
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Postby Izzy » 01. February 2008 05:35

See if running ab.exe from a command console in .\xampp\apache\bin provides a clue - ab.exe is Apache Benchmark and for help type ab.exe -h will give a list of options and arguments.
Docs here:

But if you believe it to be a bug then register at:
Then make your report and include as much detail as possible so the developers may be able to reproduce your issue and therefore a possible solution.
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