When I run Mercury Mail I cannot access apache

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When I run Mercury Mail I cannot access apache

Postby meowser » 28. January 2008 05:38


Ive been using Xampp on a Win XP machine on a LAN. I can startup MySQL/Apache and access anything in HTDOCS from another machine on the lan... the IP of the machine where Xampp is located

Tonight I decided as a script needs it to enable the mail server Mercury mail. When I turn Mercury on via the control panel it says running. If however I try and access the server such as I get nothing. The moment I turn Mercury Mail Off and do the request again, works fine.

I have been making a Joomla site locally using Xampp and simply need the mail server to work local (for testing). I ran portcheck, no conflicts.

I noticed with Mercury Mail started that if I make a page request from my machine on the LAN (IP: mercury mail shows in the Mercury HTTP Server Window "Connection from ... connection closed" which would certainly explain why "Apache" is not serving any pages.

It appears that Mercury Mail is listening for HTTP Mail? On port 80?

Whats awry here? How do I fix it?
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Something Similar

Postby alfo » 03. February 2008 10:51

I have not had MercuryMail running since installing a month ago but today wanted to enable it.

I have the following settings in my host file:


all pointing to

in httpd.conf I have:

ServerName www.alfotest.com:80

and in Mercury.ini I have:

myname: alfotest.com

alfotest.com: alfotest.com

If just apache and MySQL running any of the domain names take me to XAMPP welcome screen.

If I run Mercury Mail then ALL of the domains take me to Mercury List management screen?

Running 1.6.5 on XPSP2. Is there something I am missing?
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Postby alfo » 06. February 2008 08:36

i fixed this by changing Server Port to 85 for MercuryB in Mercury.ini
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