apachi caching of wma file

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apachi caching of wma file

Postby paidopoieo » 24. January 2008 10:19


I have done an exhausting internet search to find a solution to enable caching of files at the apachi server (which it retrieves from a storage), range requests are sent by an client application. I was working with the mod_cache module, but it seems not possible.

The issue is that if the client starts sending range req. with the first req. it always get response 200 instead of 206.
The issue is that if the file is not retrieved once completely the file is not cached on the apache.

Is there a possibility to configure that or is this a bug in the apache. Is it possible with a cgi script to solve the problem.

I thought that if the client sends the range with the first req. that the apache triggers a cgi script to retrieve the entire file from the storage first to cache it before delivering the chunks. But that could decrease performacne a lot, I guess.

Maybe a better solution is that the cgi script (if possible) starts caching and in parallel delivers the first chunk(s) to the client.

Please feedback is needed desperatley
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