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XAMPP/SETUP - First Timer Fun - Need LOTS of Help

PostPosted: 24. January 2008 10:09
by dravekx
Questions... but first things first. Im sure you are wanting to know my setup, so here we go:

Bellsouth DSL with a DynDNS Redirect
WINDOWS XP, XAMPP 1.6.5, PhpBB3, Zencart 1.3.8a

(Its a local server, so please.. no "CHECK WITH YOUR HOST" answers.. I AM THE HOST!)

#1) Ive accomplished the installation of XAMPP without error but I read constantly about SSL and how it is more secure. Ive done some research and noticed there is no EASY explanation of how to add SSL, install SSL, if XAMPP has SSL... and if there is, I havent found it yet. I honestly have no idea what SSL is except that its a better and more secure way to run a website/store online. Could someone PLEASE point me in the right direction or, for christ's sake, make a XAMPP WITH & WITHOUT SSL FOR DUMMIES book for the rest of us??? :? how do I set it up? what do I need? it is better than no SSL?

#2) I keep getting these CSS errors. My stylesheet in zencart doesnt load due to a MIME error that has yet to be resolved despite all the support fixes i've come across. CSS loads fine with my phpbb3 forum. Zencart says its an APACHE Configuration problem... APACHE says its a PHP Configuration problem... PHP says its a Zencart HTACCESS Problem... And around the world we go... So Im here at the start of all my server excitement to find out if someone else knows a good answer or a helpful fix.