SOLVED: How to use xampp with NOD32 Antivirus 3.0.621?

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SOLVED: How to use xampp with NOD32 Antivirus 3.0.621?

Postby tropauer » 24. January 2008 02:13

After installing NOD32 3.0.621 under Windows Vista (standard installation on drive c: ) I'm not able to access http://localhost while running xampp 1.6.5 installed on d:\xampp. If I uninstall NOD32 localhost is working regularly. If I disable NOD32 localhost is not working. Previous version of NOD32 (3.0.566) was fine. Can anybody help?
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Postby Izzy » 24. January 2008 02:34

This might give some clues for a solution even though it refers to CVS, a different piece of software: ... oblem.aspx

This Google search may help with configuring NOD32 or the program's own included documentation - you have to allow access for localhost and the ports XAMPP uses in the NOD32 IMON perhaps using the NOD32 Control Center - which may be blocked by default.
(I don't have this software installed but you will know what I mean here).

I found this FAQ dated August 2007 which may be of help to you:

The NOD32 web site may also hold a solution for your issue especially those related to Vista.

Remember in Vista you have to be logged in as an administrator and do anything useful as an administrator, often accessing a context menu by a right click on the file you wish to access for changes and selecting 'run as administrator'.
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Postby tropauer » 24. January 2008 03:19

Thank you Izzy! I've also Googled, but I could not find really relevant materials because NOD32 v.3.0 is very different from v.2.x. And what is strange that this problem affects only the latest build of NOD32 (3.0.621) while the previous build (3.0566) still around in December was not affected. So it's something changed very recently in NOD32 because it seems that using the same settings on the two builds give different results. I've also contacted the official NOD32 Support and I'm waiting their reply.
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Postby tropauer » 25. January 2008 17:57

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Re: SOLVED: How to use xampp with NOD32 Antivirus 3.0.621?

Postby arthunna » 20. April 2012 08:24

How do you configure Nod32 Eset Smart Security's firewall? I want to allow some programs to run but Nod32 keeps blocking it. I am trying to run Warrock and other games. But during the patch up Nod32 would block it. I have to turn it off before I play. Is there a way to set up Eset Smart Security's firewall so programs would start and not be blocked?
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