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How to change?

PostPosted: 23. January 2008 17:23
by farmdve
How to change the name u input in browser "localhost" to something else?
Or it is not possible?

PostPosted: 23. January 2008 17:31
by sari42
change localhost
to localhost myserver1 myserver2 #and what not
in your ...sytem32/drivers/etc/hosts file.

(host corrected to hosts, thx cannon)

PostPosted: 24. January 2008 14:26
by LooseCannon
sari42's suggestion works on any PC on which the "hosts" (note that it's hosts, not host) file is amended. It can be very useful for development work and in-house testing. My hosts file tells a story! ;)

For a more flexible/dynamic solution, look at virtual hosting. Search this forum for that and/or "vhost" and you'll find a wealth of information.

Other reference material:

PostPosted: 25. January 2008 15:15
by farmdve
So i can change this "localhost" to something else like "mylocalhost" ?

PostPosted: 25. January 2008 15:34
by Scory

PostPosted: 26. January 2008 15:00
by farmdve
Also where can i edit the mod_autoindex so i can change the apppearance of the def. style iread the article but its pointless in reading because it doesnt say wich file to open etc..

PostPosted: 28. January 2008 12:22
by LooseCannon
farmdve, would you please re-write your question in long-hand. It's not clear to me what you're asking.

PostPosted: 30. January 2008 17:59
by farmdve
Nevermind i already have the answer