Access a different computer's localhost over a network?

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Access a different computer's localhost over a network?

Postby sbarry50 » 23. January 2008 01:42

I recently posted a thread about my computer suddenly stopped accessing localhost for testing out a wordpress blog I'm developing. I was able to get ahold of a much newer computer running Vista that I was able to get this working on. However, with the Vista machine I can't test the site out in IE6.

I've heard of others running XAMPP on one computer and doing the testing on a different computer over a network. That seems to be my best bet considering the computer that has IE6 is the one having the problems with XAMPP.

To clarify, I plan on mainly working on the Vista machine and periodically jumping over to the old machine to see how it looks in IE6. My question is if this is possible and how would I do it.

Thank you for any help.
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