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xampp.users Add new user?

PostPosted: 21. January 2008 16:09
by deed02392
I need to add another user into my xampp.users file in the xampp\security directory, however, I have no idea what encryption algorithm is required, as neither MD5 nor the htpasswd online generated ones work. I used to just copy the file and then generate another one by changing my password with the xampp configuration page, but I've sinced changed my httpd.conf file and can't get that page back. I was wondering how I might go about generating another user and password for access of my protected directories. Currently my .htaccess file looks like this:

ErrorDocument 401 /failed_auth.html
AuthName "rem host access. ENTER CRED"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile "C:\xampp\security\xampp.users"
require valid-user

Thanks in advanced!

PostPosted: 21. January 2008 22:25
by Izzy