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Postby sam_webb00 » 21. January 2008 14:59

I have a small problem which i would like advice on, i have currently installed zpanel to xmapp on windows but what it to add to vhost when i need to add a new user, the only thing is i dont no if i am going about this right, is there any other cpanel alternatives that would do a better job then zpanel or is there just a simple piece of code somewhere that i cant find,
thanks for loooking :)
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Postby Izzy » 21. January 2008 22:57

This is not possible to do in ZPanel at the moment but the upcoming ZPanel 2.6 Final will be able to do it.

Until the new versions are released you will have to add vhosts manually in XAMPP.

The soon to be released RapidCP 3 will also have all the bells and whistles.
(There is an alpha release available of RapidCP - see their forum).

Their forum is the place to ask these questions about ZPanel or RapidCP as some of the forum officials use XAMPP:
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