Problem on script or Xampp?

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Problem on script or Xampp?

Postby kedekut » 21. January 2008 05:59

I want to know. I download script at

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i'm install the script on live host it work. but on localhost wont work.

lemme know. i really need help on this one. Thanks all
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Re: Problem on script or Xampp?

Postby Izzy » 21. January 2008 07:20

kedekut wrote:... but on localhost wont work ...

Impossible to help without any details of your XAMPP related issues as just won't work tells us nothing and it would be just a waste of time even trying to take a guess.

Have you followed this scripts readme file as I see nothing in it that would not allow it to work on XAMPP.

Or you are just not capable to do this very easy install yourself and want to save the $10 installation fee the script's author charges by hoping someone here would show you how for free?
Nice try! - I would charge you $20 at least to install it for you.

Installing scripts is not an XAMPP related issue and so should not even be posted here - contact the script's author for any support you may require.
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