Mail emulating locally (without Internet connection)

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Mail emulating locally (without Internet connection)

Postby volmark » 18. January 2008 04:31

I’m often working on local development server Xampp without Internet connection.
I need a mail emulation system that can receive and deliver mails locally without sending mail out to the Internet.
Any suggestions??
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Postby Izzy » 18. January 2008 06:35

I believe Mercury Mail Transport System included in all XAMPP releases will do that for you after you correctly configure it for your needs.

Their forums are here:

This search gave this result among others but refining your search may give more help, better and more results.

The PDF manuals, which are now free can be downloaded from here: ... fault.aspx

BTW cross posting in multiple forums is not best forum practice unless you post in the language specified for that forum - both your posts are in English and both have the same question = cross posting
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