[Conflict Warning] Apache and Jungledisk Monitor

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[Conflict Warning] Apache and Jungledisk Monitor

Postby smashingred » 14. January 2008 13:44

I had wondered why I was unable to restart Apache without restarting my computer.

I ran xampp-portcheck.exe and found that C:\Program Files\JungleDisk\junglediskmonitor.exe was using port 80.

JungleDisk is a connector tool for Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Solution) that I use for remote backup.

Apache would load fine on restart because it would bind to before junglediskmonitor was loaded but if I shutdown Apache either via the XAMPP control panel or using apache_stop.bat junglediskmonitor.exe would bind to port 80 and I would no longer be able to restart it.

I found the recommended workaround at the JungleDisk forums but there is no permanent fix as of yet.

What I ended up doing was changing the httpd.conf to bind to instead of just to any IP ( This seems to have taken care of it. That being said, I don't know what you would need to do if you need remote access to the server.

Any suggestions welcome.


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Postby Izzy » 15. January 2008 01:43

Change all references to port 80 in the httpd.conf file to port 8080 for example.

Listen 80 -> Listen 8080
ServerName localhost:80 -> ServerName localhost:8080

Save the file and restart Apache to have the changes recognized and always make a backup of conf or ini files before editing.

Then you can use this address to access XAMPP:

Failing that is it not possible to change the port that your software listens on in their configuration files or registry settings?

I am wondering why your software is using port 80 in the first place but I am not familiar with it?
Advanced Options

* If for any reason the "My Jungle Disk" shortcut is not available on Windows 2000/XP or does not work, you can create a new one by going to Start->My Network Places, then selecting "Add Network Place". Select "Choose another network location" and enter http://localhost:2667/ for the address.
* Jungle Disk natively supports mapping your Jungle Disk to a local drive letter. For more information, see the Drive Mapping page.
* You also can use 3rd party DAV clients such as WebDrive to map your Jungle Disk to a local drive letter. When configuring 3rd party tools, you should use the address: http://localhost:2667/
* If you need to reconfigure Jungle Disk, just right-click on the system tray icon and select Configure.
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