xampp and oracle

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xampp and oracle

Postby ravishankar » 09. January 2008 00:55

hi yah !

im using ur xampp apache Windows Version 1.6.4 and im in love with it.

the other day i have installed oralce 9i in my laptop.

i m trying to connect to the oracle server and retrieve some data in my program.

this is the program for ur reference.(infact this is a code from ur root directory.) and i have modified it accordingly.
<title>PHP And Oracle</title>
<h1>PHP And Oracle</h1>
<table border="1">
(HOST=localhost) (PORT=1521)))

// Oracle 10g

$c=ocilogon("scott", "tiger", "shankar");

$s = ociparse($c, "SELECT * FROM ravi");

while (ocifetch($s))
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td>".ociresult($s, "id")."</td>";
echo "<td>".ociresult($s, "name")."</td>";
echo "<td>".ociresult($s, "address")."</td>";
echo "<td>".ociresult($s, "mobile")."</td>";
echo "</tr>";
$e = oci_error($s);
echo htmlentities($e['message']);
and i get the following error when i run this program.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ocilogon() in C:\xampp\htdocs\orcl.php on line 22

I have tried to figure it out and have found that i need to uncomment the extensions in the php.ini file and i did so.
extension=php_oci8.dll is what i have uncommented in the php.ini file in the php folder for ur xampp.

but it still shows the same error. and could u please tell me if i uncommenting the proper file bcz i some one more php.ini file under the apache/bin and when i comment it and restart the server i get a windows error message saying that apache cant fin the php_oci8.dll.

could u please help me about it . thanking u for u r time and suggestions.

if there is any more configurations changes that are need then please kindly let me know. thanking u again.

waiting for u r reply

kind regards

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