Access violation

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Access violation

Postby alfa_quadro » 04. January 2008 23:29

Hello !

every time I click the admin button of MySQL in the Xampp control panel an error "access violation at adress 10002593 in module "LIBMYSQL.dll" appears.

This error appears every time "the server query interval" triggers

If the time is set to 10 second I've the error message window every 10 second.If the time of query interval is set to 60 second the error appears every 60 second and so on

Yes ,I know this is the same error of that of some post ego from other people, but I need to solve problem.

Can anybody help me ?

Thank you
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Postby djpentz » 08. January 2008 18:31

I think I've found the solution. Ignore the dialog box popping up every 10s or so, and open up winmysqladmin. There's a tab 'my.ini Setup'. Go there.

You'll find the contents of the my.ini file in a textarea and at the bottom it indicates:


Now this is the first time I've installed XAMPP, so I don't know what it did before but I noticed MySQL installs with a default of 'root' and NO password. You can test this by removing the password so that your entries now say:


And then click the Save Modifications button. This *should* stop the popups. If it does you've got 2 options:

1. Leave it like that and continue with root and no password (which I think is bad)
2. Leave winMySQLAdmin like it is, and rather go and change MySQL to have root and password of 'password'. At any rate there shoujld be SOME password.

- Darryl Pentz
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