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Networking help!

PostPosted: 12. October 2003 22:12
by Tjobbe
I have a network set up on my two xp p.c's.

I have installed Xampp on my p.c, but when I view a php file on the other computer, I do not get any php?

The file I am viewing is on my pc, with xampp installed and running, however the p.c I was viewing it from (through the network) hasnt got Xampp installed.

I would like to be able to view php files on my network, how would this be achieved without installing xampp on any other pc's on my network?

thanks, hope I made this clear!

Tjobbe Andrews

PostPosted: 12. October 2003 22:24
by Apache-User

lets see ifill get this right so u got xampp running on a system and now u want to view pages locatet on the xampp system...

open ur browser and type http://ip or computername of the xampp system

also all files got to be locatet unter x:\xampp\htdocs

hope that helps



PostPosted: 12. October 2003 22:29
by Tjobbe
thanks for the quick reply.

I want to be able to view the php files from another computer on my network, i can view them no problem on my computer with xampp installed but other computers on my home network can't view them.

PostPosted: 12. October 2003 23:01
by nemesis
uhm. can you view other sites, linke the xampp test sites from your other pcs?

PostPosted: 12. October 2003 23:45
by Tjobbe
I will have a look tomorrow..


PostPosted: 13. October 2003 19:41
by Tjobbe
I can view the html but none of the php is shown on the other pc.

I have installed minixampp and it works ok on my pc buti cant view php on the other pc..


PostPosted: 14. October 2003 18:37
by M
yeh, let me guess r u using my network places and browseing to the file... if so what u need to do is go to http://the_server_running_wampp(xampp) and that should sho you your content if you can run the php local then it should work across the network. what i think you are doing is double clicking on the file in win explorer and its not working if i am wrong i am wrong if not that should get u started. to sum up you need to open internet explorer and use http://the_server_running_wampp to view your pages. i think u r using \\the_server_running_wampp\path_to_file instead and that will sho the html but not execute the php. oh and just another thing dont forget to start wampp before you begin. if this is confusing sorry, but its free just like wampp, which means u have to work a little. later :idea:

Re: ok...

PostPosted: 14. October 2003 23:35
by nemesis
M wrote:if this is confusing sorry, but its free just like wampp, which means u have to work a little. later :idea:

right! *smile* *g*

PostPosted: 15. October 2003 13:49
by Tjobbe
Thanks, I think your right, I'll get to it ;o)

u r welcome

PostPosted: 16. October 2003 02:39
by M
glad i could help