Anyone Using DOMPDF on XAMPP?

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Anyone Using DOMPDF on XAMPP?

Postby webgaya » 27. December 2007 09:55


DOMPDF ( works properly on my Linux setup.
But it doesn't work on XAMPP in Windows.

It asks 'extension=php_domxml.dll' to be enabled in php.ini. Then it throws
an error in DOMPDF. But same DOMPDF package works under Linux setup
(not XAMPP, manual installation of AMP in Fedora).

Has anyone used it in XAMPP under Windows? If so, please let me know how you
got it working.

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Postby Wiedmann » 27. December 2007 12:11

It asks 'extension=php_domxml.dll' to be enabled in php.ini.

Hm, that's curious. In the manual for dompdf you can read:
dompdf requirements wrote:PHP 5.0.0+ with the DOM extension enabled. Note that the domxml PECL extenstion conflicts with the DOM extension and must be disabled.

(That's the opposite)
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