Apache can't start on XAMPP 1.6.5

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Postby kanigelpula » 09. January 2008 06:45

Hi Guys,

I am having a similar kind of probelm,but the only difference is I am using windows XP profesional. Is there any way around for this problem.


Krishna Kanigelpula.
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Postby Izzy » 09. January 2008 06:59

Please don't cross post as you have already asked your question here:

You will not be answered any quicker by making multiple requests for help on the same subject matter or by hijacking another's post (clearly your post is unrelated - different OS, different XAMPP version etc.) making the thread unnecessarily multi-paged, in fact this will more than likely delay any answers you may have received.

It is enough to read this thread for any clues for your own issue and effect any of the remedies it contains, and if they fail, then post a new thread, which you did.
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Postby mr.cheng » 10. January 2008 04:27

have the same problem installing xampp 1.6.5 on my loptop. I installed "vcredist_x86.exe" and It works fine now.

Thanks a lot!!!
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Postby kanigelpula » 10. January 2008 10:04

Thanks for your solution. I'll try the solution and will get back to you.
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Postby kanigelpula » 10. January 2008 23:55

Thanks for your solution. It worked fine. May I know what I reason behind this downloading the Micrsoft component.
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Re: Installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable pkg

Postby xpt » 14. January 2008 19:58

Somebody please file it as a bug report here (I don't have an account):
(When reporting bugs please provide as much information as possible including what you have already tried and any error messages, of course, are a must - the aim of a bug report is to try and replicate your issue using the information you provide).

The main reason that it's a bug is that XAMPP v1.6.5 is not portable any more. Before that, XAMPP can be used any where, and even on machines that have restricted accesses.

I know there is work around, but for me it doesn't apply because of the restricted accesses. Somebody please file it as a bug report. I've prepared everything for you:


XAMPP 1.6.5, After install. Apache can't run. It pop-up dialog

The application failed to initialized properly (0xc0150002). Click an OK to terminate this application.

Windows machine don't have firewall and antivirus.
The port it is available.

- It happens to Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.
- XAMPP 1.6.4 worked fine.


hoggwild5 wrote:I suspect that whoever compiled the XAMPP binary for Windows has Visual C++ on their compilation machine (I believe Linux machines have a C compiler on board as a default), and the compiler didn't include the C++ Library in the Windows binary.
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Postby Izzy » 15. January 2008 00:46

Somebody please file it as a bug report here (I don't have an account)

You can always create one just like you did when registering as a member on the forums.
Signup for a new account

BTW - The bug has already been reported here:

But if you have signed up for an account you may be able to add weight to the report by adding your own comments.
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