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*** WARNING: directory mismatch ***

PostPosted: 24. December 2007 20:42
by Sean-Michael
I get a,

*** WARNING: directory mismatch ***

in the xampp control panel, is this something that I need to be concerned with?

I'm using latest xampp full version, on Windoz XP SP2. Web development environment.

Thanks in advance for help!

PostPosted: 24. December 2007 23:40
by Izzy
This thread from a search in the XAMPP for Windows forum for mismatch might help:

In particular this post by Draven: ... 259#108259

1. The new DeskTopXampp Launch Control for XAMPP / XAMPPlite
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PostPosted: 25. December 2007 07:00
by Sean-Michael
Thank you again Izzy,

Looks as if it is a error in the control panel then there is no need to worry, since control panel is not a part of xamps core functions. I mean to say its used for more of a convince in my case, I start the control panel to get things going then exit the control panel.