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Repackaging XAMPP - question for XAMPP developers

PostPosted: 21. December 2007 15:29
by Tom G

I'd like to ask if I can repackage XAMPP for Windows to make my own distribution.

The company where I work is producing some software, and one part of it is a web application.

I'd like to make an automated installer for it, just like we do for other components (eg. a desktop client). I'd like to have XAMPP, but a bit hardened by me, with some gadgets removed, maybe with another SSL certificate, an updated ntwdblib.dll and the htdocs filled with our web app.
I would probably remove MySQL, FileZilla, Mercury etc.


1. Is this possible to do this also for proprietary content? What is the license of XAMPP, as a whole -- with the installer and so on?

2. Could I get my hands on the "build system" of XAMPP, to create my own distribution -- I mean e.g. an NSIS-script which can be used to create the XAMPP's installer?

- I'm no great NSIS hacker, I just would like to have the script and adapt it so that it installs something else by default.

I think XAMPP is great work, which leverages Apache especially for windows.