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PostPosted: 17. December 2007 15:55
by joh261
I 've installed succesfully xampp but xampp cannot display the page "statut.php".
Is there any suggestion how to solve this problem?


PostPosted: 17. December 2007 21:06
by Izzy
I 've installed succesfully xampp but xampp cannot display the page "statut.php"

I don't know this file as it is not in my XAMPP installation.

Try this:

If it does not load then check your server error log file for details:

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PostPosted: 18. December 2007 12:54
by joh261
I think that the problem is in the server web!when I looked the services in my pc, I saw two apache server installed : apache2 and apache2.2. Is it normal?Sometimes the apache stops rudely ? and when I restart it , it returns:

Apache service started

How can I resolve this problem?

I'd install xampp in windows 2003 server and I use it with OCS/GLPI

apache problem

PostPosted: 18. December 2007 14:44
by joh261

After considering it, that is the reason of my problem :
I' d installed xampp during the OCS/NG install, After i'd upgrated the xampp to the 1.6.4 version.
Recently I 'd try to run perl with it, that caused the problem?
the apache 2.2.6 cannot run with mod_perl?
To resolve the problem should I return to the previous version of xampp ro apache?
I read in a forum the existence of a patch witch resolve the problem of the apache 2.2.6 and mod_perl?Is this patch applicable with xampp?

Now, my server web is crashing, Any help would be appreciated !

Just keep in mind that my text need corrections,
because my english is not so good.