HELP! i can't start XAMPP

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HELP! i can't start XAMPP

Postby ohdang888 » 16. December 2007 20:04

i had a boot-up computer error yesterday. i called hp (i have vista) and i got it fixed with system restore. i got a message saying that system restore did not damaged or delete any files.

but now i can't even find the control panel for XAMPP. its not on my desktop or recycle bin. i can't find it in the XAMPP folder either!

GAH!!!!! so now i can't start it. Does anyone here know where the .exe file would be located on my computer, or is there anywhere i can download it. becuase i have a good amount of work on that server, and i know i can transfer the files, but thats a hastle. so PLEASE HELP!

any suggestions?
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