How to move Windows Vista XAMPP Apache configuration?

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How to move Windows Vista XAMPP Apache configuration?

Postby apache24 » 12. December 2007 19:23

I've had XAMPP installed on a Vista machine for a few months. Things were going great until my hard drive crashed. I think it will be more work to get the Vista machine reconfigured than to move my server files to a Debian Linux box. (I have the Vista Image backup, but it won't boot, and my Vista setup will not recover executables and settings.)

I have a clean install of Apache2, PHP, MySQL etc running on my Debian box. I started looking at the structure of the Apache2 conf files and to my dismay found it totally different from the XAMPP conf files. The XAMPP httpd.conf appears to be Apache2.conf, but the files are more different than similar. I was hoping to not have to relearn all of the apache directives, and simply do cut and pastes. I know I'll have to change some paths which are different between the two systems. But I was not prepared for a total rewrite. Does anyone know of any docs on the net that compare the XAMPP and stock Apache2 conf file / folder structure?

Many thanks!
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