Is there anything wrong with my XAMPP?

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Is there anything wrong with my XAMPP?

Postby dlmaster » 12. December 2007 14:42

:( I am just wondering... Lately I have been notified by my Kaspersky antivirus saying that Apache cannot be connected and I should have do something with avp.exe. I am not sure the full message.. I am doing my work on PHP with Eclipse 3.2.0 and my Xampp version is 1.4.9. It just seems that the server fail to be updated even though I restart XAMPP. Can anyone guide me on how to resolve this? Thank you for sharing...
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Postby LooseCannon » 13. December 2007 12:03

Hi dlmaster

What have you done, tried or considered already?

What is the notification you get? The actual words and the nature/type of message.

First hit Google: "avp.exe is a process belonging to Kaspersky Internet Security Suite..."

I'd bet the fire wall has detected a change in Apache and keeps asking you to confirm that is ok for it to connect with a port. I bet there's a box to tick when you answer "yes" to remember/repeat that in the future, so you won't be asked again, until Apache changes again.

Not XAMPP me thinks.
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Postby dlmaster » 15. December 2007 16:54

oo.. thanks... :D
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