Security clarification please

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Security clarification please

Postby alibeoley » 12. December 2007 11:18

I have read the forums about security, but would like to double-check something before I go ahead with installations. If I install XAMPP on my home PC (connected to internet via ADSL), is it safe to install my zencart website and import the database which is backed up from the live site (hosted by a company I pay for hosting). I don't want to host the website on my home PC, but I want a replica of my live site to test some upgrades. However, I don't want to make any of the "live" information vulnerable to attack. Hope someone can clarify this for me, thank you.
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Postby x-files » 13. December 2007 08:12

As long as you do not enable port 80 (HTTP) from your modem, there is no chance someone from outside can access anything.

You will access your Site using:
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or using:
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