weird session memory leak 64 bit

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weird session memory leak 64 bit

Postby waivestar » 11. December 2007 04:50

Hi all,
We installed windows 2003 server 64 bit, then installed xamp 1.64.

Apache starts at 30 or so mb of ram in the task manager list, then as people log in and place orders etc apache progressively consumes more and more ram until the server falls over(4gb+ ram).

I tried installing xamp 1.63 to no avail.

I have used the same set of code on windows 32 bit OSs using both 1.63 and 1.64 xamp versions and this error is non existant. :x

I tried setting MaxRequestsPerChild, and it does work, but the server crashes every few hours.

do you by chance have a 64 bit version of apache (even in testing) that I can run some tests on?

Any help would be much appreciated, as this has been doing my head in for over a month (I need to restart apache daily to "fix" it).
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Postby Izzy » 11. December 2007 05:19

As far as I know there is no 64 bit XAMPP at the moment but 32 bit progs should work in a 64 bit environment.

Try this and add it as the last line in the httpd.conf file if it is not there already minus the comment # of course: ... s.html#cpu

It can also be caused by a file the XAMPP Control Panel uses that may stick from time to time.
Check using the Task Manager for a file called pv.exe and kill it if you see it.

Using the xampp\apache_start.bat file instead of the Control Panel may help in your case.

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Postby waivestar » 11. December 2007 05:57

Thank you for your reply Izzy.

Tried the CPU thing. It chewed through the ram at about 3 times the speed of what it was previously. instead of going up a few kb per sec it was going up about 1mb per few secs.

the control panel has no pv.exe running in task manager and killing the control panel doesnt make any difference.
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Re: weird session memory leak 64 bit

Postby XerraX » 28. May 2009 12:34

i have the same problem :(
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