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Fisical IP

Postby Jordi Breu » 09. December 2007 23:00

I try to answer my self... but I not completly shure above it.

My XAMPP is working ok and I see htdocs from all my intranet by direct IP. This is a good succes for me.

But, What's happend?

1rt - My ADSL router 80 port is not working. (when I declare it in NAT, this works, I don't know exactly how... but I understand this ok)

2nd - The XP SP2 Firewall is not problem because from intranet I can see the XAMPP webserver.

I make other test, from my external web page, I put a link point to my XAMPP server (the same fisical IP) in germanic, present, like "linckprova" and this works ever when i test from my intranet, but not form a external host. For example, I try to linck it from a Magbook in the intranet whith his fisical IP, ... is a workgroup, and also do not see the XAMPP server. however Macbook can see the normal thins of the workgroup like other hardisk ...

I think this is because i need to declare also a domain in DNS services. but why??? ...Why I can not works whith a fisical IP? How can I convert a URL to a fisical IP like in a intranet ? Is this posible?
Somebody sais to me above no-ip server... but this is a good chance?

And also an other important question..
Realy I don't need any think more to ofer my XAMPP server to the comunity ?

Congratulations for your work in servers XAMPP and for this forum

Thank for all
Jordi Breu
Jordi Breu
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Postby x-files » 10. December 2007 02:39

No-IP is a DNS (Doman Name Server); usually used by people with a Dynamic IP (an IP that changes often), but can be used for people with a Static IP (always the same one) as well.

You simply download a small program that will send a message to their DNS to associate your Domain Name to your IP (could be repeated as often as needed)... Thus when someone types your URL, the DNS will redirect them to your actual IP.

Visit No-IP here:
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in order to get complete details. :wink:
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