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Postby teamzulu » 06. December 2007 15:44

When I click on the /phpmyadmin/ link it shows there is a password issue... well I want to lock this up. But how? What do I need to change in the MYSQL database + what do I need to do with the file? I have give a password in MYSQL & the - No more security issue.. but also - it does not prompt me for a password?? I simply just login. Ideally I would like to have mutiple users be able to use the MYSQL - but without seeing the others databases.. any help would be great!
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Postby KallistaAEnvarou » 07. December 2007 21:36

How can I set a "root" password in MySQL? (method 1)

How can I set a "root" password in MySQL? (method 2)

How can I set a "root" password in MySQL (method 3)

When you want to create additional users, you can create a PHP page that connects root to the database mysql and do an insert query into the users table by identifying the username, password, and any select privileges, then flush privileges. Then, you can insert into the db table with the user name. Since the tables have enum properties, you'll need to type 1 for no and 2 for yes. Here's an example.

mysql_query("INSERT INTO user (host,user,password,create_priv,delete_priv,drop_priv,insert_priv,select_priv,update_priv) VALUES('localhost','$username',PASSWORD('$password'),'2','2','2','2','2','2')");

mysql_query("FLUSH PRIVILEGES");

Then you'll have to insert the user into the database with the following code:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO db (host,db,user,create_priv,delete_priv,drop_priv,insert_priv,select_priv,update_priv) VALUES('localhost','$database','$username','1','1','1','1','2','1')");

so that you can give this user create, delete, drop, insert, select, and update globally but only select locally on that database.
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