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Strange Error Log

PostPosted: 04. December 2007 21:35
by KallistaAEnvarou
[Tue Dec 04 12:33:12 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/xampp/htdocs/st, referer: ... =

What does that mean, and how do I get rid of it? I think it's coming from my Yahoo client...

PostPosted: 05. December 2007 02:04
by Izzy
2 ways to go about this this.

1. Search the Yahoo site or Google to try and find out what YIM is looking for or what YIM is trying to put there on a Localhost server????
The clue is after the address but I know not what this refers to as I don't have YIM installed on my PC.

2. Temporarily create the directory that YIM is looking for that Apache knows is not there:

Try and reproduce what you did before you got your error but keep your eye on the st directory to see what YIM is perhaps putting there.

I would be very suspicious indeed of any program on my PC that wants to add something that I know nothing about and so I would research this issue until I find all about what YIM is up to.

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PostPosted: 05. December 2007 18:09
by KallistaAEnvarou
I tried to go to that website, but it seemed to be blank. I think it may be a SpyWare issue, but I ran Spy-Bot, which found no immediate threats. I haven't run Ad-Aware yet. Now I'm getting this

[Wed Dec 05 07:19:33 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/xampp/htdocs/imp, referer: ... 9o9DJmKLS1

which is coming from MySpace. I've created text files with those names, but I'd rather not have them on there. Maybe one of the cookies I have is trying to access it? I don't know, but I don't think I have cookies from either of those sites (maybe Yahoo) since I tend to block them...