a minor irritation when shutting down

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a minor irritation when shutting down

Postby japh2 » 29. November 2007 18:53

I'm using windows xp professional as a user (not administrator).

Shutting down or logging off fails silently. No "end program" just me clearing my desk and looking back at the screen and going "buh?". So I need to go to the xampp controll panel in the systray, stop apache and mysql (not sure that that is necessary) and hit exit on the control panel interface and shut down again.
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Postby KallistaAEnvarou » 05. December 2007 00:43

Why not use xampp_stop.exe?
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Postby LooseCannon » 05. December 2007 15:07

Yup, a colleague had this issue before I got to running XAMPP on my PC. Being the IT guy, I ignored him of course. ;)

I found that one had to exit xampp before shutdown or restart. No big deal. A very small price to pay for such a great tool.

Exit is your friend. Makes sure the services are no more. :)
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