What's wrong wiht my XAMPP for Windows 1.6.4 + Tomcat 6.0.13

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What's wrong wiht my XAMPP for Windows 1.6.4 + Tomcat 6.0.13

Postby redhat028 » 29. November 2007 03:50


Today I download xampp-win32-1.6.4.exe + xampp-win32-tomcat-addon-6.0.13-2.2.4.exe + jdk-6u3-windows-i586-p.exe.

FIRST, I INSTALLED jdk-6u3-windows-i586-p.exe.
THEN, extract xampp-win32-1.6.4.exe into E:,like E:/xampp
Third, extract this add-on xampp-win32-tomcat-addon-6.0.13-2.2.4.exe in my XAMPP-Directory E:/xampp

Clos all Firewall ,Close all other Program. The needed port are all free.

I run the xampp-control.exe, and start Apahe MySQL are run well,then ,I colse the Apahce and MySQL ,then run setup_xampp.bat,this a question [y/n],I choice "y".then there have some file created ,include tomcat_stop.bat and tomcat_start.bat,,,,,then I second run Apache ,but it's not work now, I run it and it shutdown but itself.but I RUN Tomcat_start.bat. working well.and I vist http://localhost:8080,it's well.I

QUESTION: Why I add the TOMCAT but the Apche can't working? Thanks,
Other,I have try changed the ApcheTomcat form "Manully" to "Auto".

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