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cant connect with my apache

PostPosted: 28. November 2007 13:14
by kjarli
At school when someone tries to go to my website (, the get connection refused.

When i try to go to someone elses website ( it works perfectly. Also when i go to my website ( (not localhost), i can view it normally.

Port 80 and 8080 are both open. Altough it's running vista, it worked before... Why not now anymore?

PostPosted: 28. November 2007 13:43
by Rabbie
They may be being blocked by the Windowsewall.

PostPosted: 28. November 2007 14:15
by kjarli
its off..

PostPosted: 04. December 2007 09:57
by LooseCannon
Hi kjarli.

No time atm for a proper response, but hate to see a thread dangling for near a week. So,,,

Is it just one PC that can't connect? You've tried others, more than just yours?

Any htaccess control to the web site? Is it a message from your Apache or the client machine, ie what error code?

You've restarted Apache? Restarted the server?