SQL Index?

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SQL Index?

Postby BoratSagdiyev » 28. November 2007 05:12

Hello English friend what what what! My name Borat, like English Barry--But people call me Steve--STEVE!

Recently I do install of XAMPP and try to create database. I have problem, phpmyadmin say "no index defined" for my table. What is this index and how do I solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance. Jinqui!
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Postby Izzy » 28. November 2007 05:53

Hello Barry or Steve, my name in English is Izzy but people call me all sorts of names. :D

Try and explain what you are doing to get this error if you can.

For an example, in phpMyAdmin click on the MySQL database then click on a table and you will see an Indexes box with a ? mark which leads to the link below - don't change anything in this database or you may have real problems and have to reinstall XAMPP but its OK to read how it is done.

Help on Indexes and other database structures can be read here - it explains all about indexes:
http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/ ... cture.html

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Postby BoratSagdiyev » 28. November 2007 06:38

How do I insert entries into my table? Do I need to create a primary index?
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Postby Scory » 28. November 2007 13:10

You should read a book about SQL first - you obviously have no idea about tables, indexes, keys and so on. As this is basic knowledge, you should read about it before starting to work.

This board cannot replace a book nor the documentation for (My)SQL.


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