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SoapFault SSL support is not available in this build

PostPosted: 24. November 2007 18:53
by tom15375
I downloaded the latest xampp on Windows and couldn't get php/soap/ssl to work. It gave me this error:

SSL support is not available in this build

I had been using an older build (maybe a year old) and that worked previously. How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance

PostPosted: 25. November 2007 02:23
by Izzy
Check the phpinfo.php file for this entry:
Code: Select all
OpenSSL support    enabled
OpenSSL Version    OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007*

* This build may be different in your case as I still use XAMPP 1.6.3a

If this does not appear then you need to open in your text editor:
and uncomment this line:

To this:

Also make sure this extension is uncommented:

Save the file and restart Apache.

I don't use Soap so I have no idea about your error with OpenSSL but the above instructions will make available to PHP the OpenSSL extension - perhaps someone here with more experience using Soap may be more help if the above instructions don't work for you.

I did a Google using your thread subject SoapFault SSL support is not available in this build as the keywords and had many, perhaps, useful results.

This was also helpful especially some of the readers comments:

1. The new DeskTopXampp Launch Control for XAMPP / XAMPPlite
Posted by Ridgewood available from Ridgewood'sDTX web site

2. Build Rich AJAX Applications - Faster
TIBCO General Interface Pro Edition but FREE and Open Source
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PostPosted: 26. November 2007 06:49
by tom15375
Works great. Thanks a lot. :)