Problem accessing php files remotely (newbie question)

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Problem accessing php files remotely (newbie question)

Postby mugatu » 24. November 2007 17:45

Ok, im sure this is a incredibly newbie'sh question but here goes.

I wanted to get started building a primitive website for myself, and followed a tutorial on using wordpress. Part of that was installing xampp in order to test the site locally.

Now all of this (wordpress) works fine locally, but i wanted to be able to show my progress to a family member at the other end of the country.
If i try to access the site from my laptop or have someone else try to reach it across the internet, im able to reach the xampp status page (at ) and basically anything in the htdocs catalog, just not wordpress ( ).

On the machine where i try to access it by typing in in a browser, it always returns to typing http://localhost/wordpress and says it cant find the page.

Now this might be stupid but for the hell of it, i tried referering directly to some of the php files in the wordpress directory, and im able to reach all of them, however it seems like its not "run" as php .. i just get a bit of the text and none of the functionality works.

I dont understand that, since on the other hand, i can also refer to a particular php file in the xampp directory ( for instance) and have that come up just fine, visually and functionally.

So theres probably something about the apache server or the php language that i dont understand, but id appreciate some help on this.

I should mention the build is xampplite-1.6.4 and as my forum choice suggest, im running winxp.

Apologize for the long explanation, tried my best, hope you can help


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Postby Izzy » 25. November 2007 01:21

First some reading, then you attempt to configure Apache, then post again for help if you can't fathom it out.

Explains how to search: ... 912#110912

Explains a virtual host successful out come:

There are many previous posts on this virtual host subject and all have varying and different needs which can form a basis for you to work from.

1. The new DeskTopXampp Launch Control for XAMPP / XAMPPlite
Posted by Ridgewood available from Ridgewood'sDTX web site

2. Build Rich AJAX Applications - Faster
TIBCO General Interface Pro Edition but FREE and Open Source
Fully working with NO donations required to get a user/password
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Postby LooseCannon » 26. November 2007 15:24

Yeah, you've got some research and lots of learning ahead of you mugatu. You're basically asking about some fundamental and wide ranging Apache and interest/web access issues.

In addition to Izzy's references, try:

Also look at DNS, ip address and www background information.

Yes, sorry, it's a RTFQ response to such a big, broad question.
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