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What tool to monitor my local web server?

PostPosted: 18. November 2007 04:09
by gb
Hello all !

One question : what kind of free and easy-to-use tool may I install on my computer to keep an eye on what's action are done with the XAMPP server ?

I explain : I'm not a guru in Apache or anything else, but I need a personal webserver to test my site and make improvments. Nothing original :) My PCs are wifi-ed, not secured, and I need something to easely see/monitor/log/track what happen(ed) with the server, who use it ; in other words : I would like to verify if a I'm the only one user as I guess I am.

Thank you for your advices.


PostPosted: 18. November 2007 06:15
by Izzy
Apart from the Apache log files and Webalizer:



you may find what you are looking for by way of real-time web monitoring here:

For example, this is a real-time monitor from the above page:

If not then a Google search will more often than not locate what you want.

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PostPosted: 18. November 2007 07:29
by gb
Great !
Thank you Izzy for the help.