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FTP Problems

PostPosted: 15. November 2007 23:45
by jamesc
Hi all, ive installed xampp on my xp box. set it up so that it is a live web server running on the internet. ive set up a no-ip so that i can still view my xampp homepage on any network not just localhost. all the http works ive added it into my routers application sharing.

yet the ftp wont authenticate me. ive added the ftp server to the app sharing on my router and assigned it to port 21. in filezilla it says connected to server awaiting welcome message, server disconected. or awaiting authentication...

any help please.

thanks for your time


PostPosted: 16. November 2007 00:53
by jamesc
school boy error. firewall was blocking it. fixed now. thank for everyone who looked at the post.