loading a php file.....

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loading a php file.....

Postby dtran » 06. October 2003 21:40


I have a problem when I try to load my php page. NOTHING LOADS!!. When I embedd php in a html file, the html stuff displays but nothing displays inside the php tags. I tried using basic echo commands embedded inside html but hte echo stuff does not load up in Internet Explorer?? I started apache then load up my files. Is this the way to do it??


Did the PHP test files work?

Postby chanio » 07. October 2003 06:46

Did you try the PHP test files at the main menu?
If they work, then that means that the server is configured to work by the file extensions only. No LINUX-magical-file-openning. Don't worry, just use the .php extension at your files. If you would like to start with an .html file, you can always redirect to a (secret) .php file. Try using the refresh meta tag.
Apache allows to do more technical redirections at your httpd files. You should read more about all that, and try modify the httpd.config (but keeping the original file, just in case :) )
Hope it helps!
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htm and emb php

Postby m » 08. October 2003 18:41

i dont think wampp has apache and php configured to allow the use of php in a .htm or .html file i beleive to execute the code you need to set up php to parse .htm and .html documents to allow code to be executed from a htm file. i might be wrong, but its worth a shot.

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