cant connect

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cant connect

Postby Nightshift » 11. November 2007 21:41

Hi, i just finished the setup of XAMPP and everything works fine when im working trough the LAN. But when a friend trys to connect to the site i made he cant enter, the same happens to me. The LAN ip works but when im trying to enter with the "real" IP i get Conection aborted.. al ports are open, i also tryd with the firewall off but the same happens then.. hope you understand my problem my english isnt that good..
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Postby Izzy » 12. November 2007 09:00

I found this web site DSL/Cable Webserver when I was searching the Internet today and I thought it might help you also.

It has some very clear and in depth instructions on your topic and checking out the menu items in the left frame, in particularly the Router item, must surely give you a solution for your issue.

Please let us know if you find this site useful and a solution.

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Postby LooseCannon » 12. November 2007 14:18

Hello and welcome Nightshift. :)

As additional/alternative reference, you might like to also look at

I'm assuming that the problem is accessing the XAMPP server from outside the LAN. Therefore, I believe the router should run a 'virtual server' and send the network traffic to/from your XAMPP server. It can be very easy or frustrating.

Note: Saying '.. al ports are open, i also tryd with the firewall off .." seems a little contradictory. I raise this because having a fire wall, which normally blocks ports _itself_, somewhere forgotten or unknown can cause much heartache. In other words, be sure that _all_ firewalls are off between you,,, than asap, get them back on!

Good luck.
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Postby Nightshift » 12. November 2007 19:35

I just found the problem, it was a real clumsy mistake.. I fill in the wrong IP when i forwarded the ports. anyway i did learn some stuff when i tryd to find the problem :) at least i got something for al the hours i spent with this "noob" problem:P. This site gave me the answer ... /main.html

under the port checking.

Thanks for the help :)
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