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Erro: Instruction at 0x7c9105f8 referenced memory

PostPosted: 07. November 2007 05:11
by pixeldog 0x01380010. The memory could not be "read".

This is the exact error message I am getting when I start my Apache and then it stops by itself.

Does anyone have any idea what this is about?

Thanks for any and all advice...!:?:

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More about this error...

PostPosted: 07. November 2007 06:30
by pixeldog
I am running Windows XP SP2

Generally speaking, I can't run any Apache in either WAMP or XAMPP. I was originally running WAMP, but it stopped working and I decided to upgrade to XAMPP which I'd been wanting to do.

XAMPP did not work either. I and installed and uninstalled many times. I tried just unzipping files to root c:/ drive instead of installer.

I also tried a new version of WAMP.

The response is always the same: the browser cannot establish a connection to the server at localhost or Nor does phpmyadmin work, or the sql manger. All respond with can't establish connection.

All firewalls are off, virus protection is off. No IntetPub.

I run port check and they are all available, on, open, whatever.

The first error code I reported showed up at some point with XAMPP. It does not come up at all times

Any thoughts anyone?