Unable to open HTML in Firefox

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Unable to open HTML in Firefox

Postby esoomllub » 06. November 2007 15:59

I've been using XAMMP for a while now and am very happy with it. I just have one glitch that I can't seem to figure out. When trying to open an .html or .htm file in Firefox, I instead get prompted with the open/save dialog that usually accompanies zip files and such. I would assume it was a setup problem, but the same requests in IE work flawlessly. I just can't bring myself to use IE unless I have to for work, so I'd like to find a solution.

My setup... Windows XP, running a bunch of name based virtual hosts for my development work. This happens with any .html/.htm file whether it be index.html or some other file. I've gone through mime.types and made sure these files were referenced correctly (something I only did after the issue was apparent).

Thoughts? I guess I can just have all of them run through as PHP, but was hoping for a more plain solution.
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