Connecting with http://localhost/

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Connecting with http://localhost/

Postby Julie Head » 05. November 2007 01:04

When I try to connect to http://localhost/ through my browser I get a message asking for my user name and password. My Apache is running. Any thoughts?
Julie Head
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Postby Ja » 05. November 2007 01:26

When you config Xammp, you must put passwords to the xampp admin panel and MySQL too; you must put the password of Xampp for enter; if you want acces to other site... you must configure apache.
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Postby LooseCannon » 06. November 2007 12:21

Some more info plse Julie Head. :)

The default install has no password on MySQL. I don't think you're getting that far, as you're asked for a password at http://localhost/, which suggests an htpasswd issue. That address takes you to the XAMPP welcome page, IF it's still a default setup/install.

How fresh/default is the XAMPP installation? Many changes?

Is the prompt a pop-up 'Authentication Required' or the phpMyAdmin login?

The former is a htpasswd validation, run by Apache. The latter is php code run by the phpMyAdmin website, and connecting you to MySQL.
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