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Xampp Module

PostPosted: 04. November 2007 03:09
by jdmeg6
anyone know where I can get these module installed ?
im running the lastest xampp on windows XP. thanks in advance

Module: Status
CGI Not Installed
HTML::Form Not Installed
HTML::LinkExtor Not Installed
HTTP::Headers Not Installed
HTTP::Request Not Installed
LWP::Simple Not Installed
LWP::UserAgent Not Installed
URI::URL Not Installed

PostPosted: 04. November 2007 03:19
by Wiedmann
anyone know where I can get these module installed ?

That's Perl?

If yes, you have installed the XAMPP Perl AddOn?

PostPosted: 04. November 2007 03:32
by jdmeg6
sorry i am not a very technical person when it comes to xampp or servers. just trying to install a script so i can run it from my computer.

I downloaded and installed XAMPP Windows 1.6.4
[Basic package] 34mb Installer.

i just downloaed the addon perl mod Installer , when i try to install it I get an error. "Apache version 2.2.4 not found! Needs xampp 1.6."
i have xampp 1.6.4 installed why am i getting this error?