Host website on my personal computer

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Host website on my personal computer

Postby wattaman » 01. November 2007 08:55

Can I use xampp to host a website on my personalo comp.? I have a adsl connection and I'm using windows xp home ed.
I didn't understand exactly if xampp is for testing sites locally or it can be used as I want to, hosting a real site and make it available online.
Btw, I'm a little noob and I'll appreciate some tutorial links or How To's.
Thank you!
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Postby x-files » 20. November 2007 05:38

The answer is Yes and No.

Considering that xampp is made for testing locally on your PC (/localhost/) and that it has no defined password to protect your files; it is No.

But, if you can set passwords to protect your files, then xampp offers you Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin... and this is enough to host an interactive website; thus, the answer is Yes.

Otherly said: as it is right after install, the answer is No.
But if you are willing to work a bit... Yes.
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Postby LooseCannon » 20. November 2007 14:29

Hello and welcome wattaman

XAMPP provides pretty much everything. As you probably realise, there's lots to learn. Main references:

That might seem like a 'RTFQ!', but it's not, honestly. ;) Lots of good reference and most commands come with examples.

Also, search these fora. Many questions asked many times. One can often see how one's own situation varies from those already posed and fix it yourself. If not, having tried, you're in a better position to ask for help.

x-files mentions security, being very open by default. A good place to start your research and testing?! Good luck, have fun. :)
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