Bug in Xampp 1.6.4

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Bug in Xampp 1.6.4

Postby Slackervaara » 30. October 2007 15:33

I have a website based on PHP-Nuke 7.2 as CMS and a MySQL database on a web hotel. To check up a upgrade of the site I have transfered the site and the database to run locally on Xampp 1.6.4 on Windows XP.

Almost all things works excellent locally with one exception. The Journal does not display the 20 latest of 100 journal entries but the first 20 instead. I have identified the cöde in PHP-Nuke as:

$sql = "SELECT j.id, j.joid, j.nop, j.ldp, j.ltp, j.micro, u.user_id, u.username FROM ".$prefix."_journal_stats j, ".$user_prefix."_users u where u.username=j.joid ORDER BY 'ldp' DESC";

When I run this in a SQL-window in phpMyAdmin on:

A. Web hotel database

I get the 20 latest entries
if I change DESC to ASC
I get the first 20 entries

B Locally with Xampp

I get the first 20 entries
if I change DESC to ASC
I still get the first 20 entries
if I change ORDER BY 'ldp' DESC"; to ORDER BY j.ldp DESC"; I get the correct latest 20 entries.

Grateful for an explaination to this difference in behaviour.
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