can't view any php page using Apache

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can't view any php page using Apache

Postby davy_emp » 26. October 2007 13:00

Hi, i'm running Apache 2.2.6 .. on an XP box and successfully run PHP 5.2. I can see the index page alright by going to http://localhost/
but anything php won't show.
I keep getting Page not find error.

Please help

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Postby djoey1982 » 26. October 2007 19:03

maybe you saved your php pages as index.php.txt because windows usually does that. in the folder options you should disable the option hide known filetype extensions. Then check your file again and see if it really really has the .php extension..
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Postby Izzy » 27. October 2007 09:31

What do you see when you type

Where did you put the php files you are trying to see?

How are you trying to run the php pages that won't display?

Your post is very thin on detail and is very hard to imagine what you are doing or what you have done.

Please give as many details as possible so we can maybe help you out of this dilemma.

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Postby LooseCannon » 31. October 2007 14:55

And to add to the above queries on clarification:
a. You've not mentioned mySQL, so there's no database and connections thereto involved?
b. Your php code includes some html stuff or something else to actually display?
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