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Issues With Saved Data

PostPosted: 23. October 2007 10:05
by lonita
I installed XAMPP yesterday and made some booboo with the mysql portion, so I thought I'd uninstall and start fresh. The website says that an uninstall via the provided uninstaller will wipe everything. However, when I reinstalled XAMPP it was showing passwords I'd set the first time I installed.

I've gone through the install/uninstall/reinstall process three times, each time shutting down completely (just in case, since Windows is weird that way), went through the registry (just in case, even though the website says this is not necessary.

Each time, those stupid mysql password changes I made are STILL there.

Am I missing something retarded and obvious? I'd very much appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this.

PostPosted: 23. October 2007 10:32
by Izzy
Did you delete the xampp directory when you did the uninstall?

Check in the WINDOWS directory for a my.ini file and either rename or delete if found then try again.

Take a look at the new DeskTopXampp launch control for XAMPP
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PostPosted: 23. October 2007 10:56
by lonita
[quote="Izzy"]Check in the WINDOWS directory for a [b]my.ini[/b] file and either rename or delete if found then try again. HTH[/quote]

Thank you! You've saved my sanity. :>

It was the my.ini that was the issue after all. I wonder why an uninstall doesn't get rid of it?