Apache Halts

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Apache Halts

Postby MrThursty » 23. October 2007 00:04

Just installed latest version of XAMPP. Seems to work fine, then about every half hour or so, the Apache service halts.

I checked the event logs, and the apps log gives an Application Error Event ID: 100 - Faulting application apache.exe version Faulting module ntdll.dll

which is immediately followed by a DrWatson error citing a c0000005 error related to the ntdll.dll which I know is a permissions problem.

XAMPP is being used to run WordPress Mu. XAMPP is being run on a Windows 2003 server.

So, my question is: What needs permission to where to prevent this from happening?
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Postby djoey1982 » 25. October 2007 19:34

I seem to have the same problem, xampp is installed on a windows 2003 R2 x386 machine, it goes fine after a reboot, but then in half an hour / an hour i get the same messages in the eventviewer also followed by an drwatson event.

At first i thought, it was because i installed a bacula client on the machine but now that I read this i'm not sure what to do about this.
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